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Valverde di Cesenatico

How to Reach Us

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Trips and excursions
Excursions for those of you who love an activity holiday

There's more to offer than simply the sun, sand and sea.

For those of you who love an "activity" holiday and at the same time enjoys art and culture, the hotel Prestigio in Valverde di Cesenatico can suggest a series of excursions into the Romagna countryside.

ancient canals

The ancient heart of Cesenatico beats from the interior through the small streets of the centre and around the canals (designed by Leonardo da Vinci) which currently hold the Maritime Museum.

  1. san leo

San Leo
antico borgo e castello

From us: 50 km

  1. SanMarino

San Marino
from us 30km

This is an excellent example of a medieval town. It is full of art and is synonymous with freedom throughout the world.
San Marino is in fact the smallest and oldest republic in the world.

  1. venezia

visit to Venice

From us: 210 km

  1. frasassi

visit to the caves

From us: 145 km

  1. cesena

Rocca Malatestiana

From us: 12 km